Topic 5 – Total Station Room Measurement Tools (Draft)

NOTE: The lessons in this topic are currently in draft and are under review. This message will be removed once they are approved.

This topic covers the Floor Plans tools that have different or specific functionality for use with total stations including:

  • Fillet Wall Tool
  • Symbols
  • Beams
  • Spot Levels

The lessons in this topic assume a total station is connected to Floor Plans, a station setup has been conducted and rooms exist ready to add features to. For lessons on these procedures with a total station refer to Topic 4: Total Station Setup and Wall Measurement Operations.

Lesson 1: Fillet Wall Tool: Computing a hidden corner from total station observations

Note that there are 5 tools in the Fillet Wall Tool menu, the first 4 are covered under this topic the fifth tool, Extend to wall is not total station specific and is covered in Topic 9 – Lesson 1.

Lesson 2: Adding Symbols (including stairs) using a total station.

Lesson 3: Adding Beams using a total station.

Lesson 4: Adding Spot Levels with a total station.


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