Topic 3a – Leica DISTO Device Connections

This topic covers the most commonly used Leica DISTO™ device connections in terms of how to connect the device to MBS Floor Plans software and how the measured value is input to MBS Floor Plans software in different measurement situations.

The devices covered all use Bluetooth® communications with MBS Floor Plans:

  • Leica DISTO™ Bluetooth v4 Smart devices i.e. D510 and D2
  • Leica DISTO™ Bluetooth v1.2 Socket connection devices i.e. B3aBT

For other device types, please contact MBS Survey Software:

Lesson 1: Connecting to Leica DISTOTM Bluetooth® v4 Smart Devices

Lesson 2: Using Leica DISTOTM Bluetooth® v4 Smart Device Measurements

Lesson 3: Connecting to Leica DISTOTM Bluetooth® v1.2 Socket Devices 

Lesson 4: Using Leica DISTOTM Bluetooth® v1.2 Socket Device Measurements

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