E-Learning authoring tools

You have decided you would like to enter the world of eLearning or would like to update your eLearning authoring tool. But are you fully aware of the scope of eLearning ranging from passive videos, to PowerPoint with voice over to adaptive learning, full gaming and animation? If you are do you know what is most suitable for your business and your content development capabilities?

Blended Technical Training Services understands these options in detail and will work with you to select the right approach and  tools:

  1. Present a summary of the different eLearning techniques and authoring tools available and assist stakeholders with the decision making process. .
  2. Assess future training needs and development capabilities for eLearning.
  3. Determine key requirements for an authoring tool and reduce providers list.
  4. Request demonstrations/ trial 30 day versions.
  5. Detailed report of process, final results and recommendation.

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