Design a Course

Instructional Design and Content Development

Instructional Design is the process of creating and developing training programmes based on a five step process of: analysis, design, development, implementation, and evaluation. Training programs designed by this process result in a more enjoyable and engaging learner experience resulting in more efficient and effective learning, providing a good foundation for on the job competence in the subject matter.

Blended Technical Training Services can lead the instructional design/redesign of an entire training program or course from start to finish, including instructor led training, eLearning, assessments and Blended Learning. Alternatively, we can assist with or complete any part of the following instructional design steps as required; although we strongly recommend all process steps have been thoroughly conducted and documented:

  • Training Needs analysis: involving organisation stakeholders, trainers, subject matter experts (SME’s) and training customers.
  • Training design: working closely with subject matter experts and trainers to design the training and obtain feedback and input from all stakeholders.
  • Training development: assessment and content creation. Either leading and reviewing the work of SME’s or creating the content directly with SME’s reviewing it. Manage feedback and input from all stakeholders.
  • Training implementation: Manage, assess and implement improvements from trial training.
  • Training evaluation: Implementation and management of a training evaluation program to ensure the training continues to meet the expectations of the customers and standards of the organisation.
  • Training maintenance: Implement processes for the management of your training content improvements and updates.