eLearning Tutorials – MBS Survey Software Ltd.

Requirement: To offer an eLearning tutorial alternative to the current MBS Floorplans instructor led training in order to make training immediately available to those new to Floorplans software. The training should be focused at new users, but modular enough so an intermediate user can easily use the content as a technical support resource to refresh their knowledge.

Process: A needs analysis was conducted with existing Floorplans customers to determine the approach for the eLearning tutorials

  • Posted on website accessible to all.
  • Video based with audio and text instructions.
  • Small bite sized learning modules or larger modules with good navigation.
  • Responsive (playable on all devices).
  • No tracking and assessments.

and topic priorities. For each topic the following process was followed by BTT-Services and MBS to create the modules:

  • Create, review and agree outline and script.
  • Record video and audio.
  • Review and agree deviations from outline and script.
  • Edit video and audio.
  • Creation of module.
  • Review, editing and approval of module.

Product: MBS eLearning Tutorials. In terms of reviewing content recommended examples are Topic3b-Lesson1 and Topic5.