Lesson 2: Combine 2 MBS Floor Plans in different coordinate systems (using External References and Room Transformations) into 1 file.


This lesson combines 2 MBS Floor Plan files with different coordinate systems into one file using external references and room transformations.

School-Main-2.mbs: Contains survey stations, building footprint and middle building rooms. In other words the school building footprint has been surveyed from control stations using a total station and the school entrance rooms and hall have been surveyed into the same file using a Disto.School-East-Wing-1

School-West-wing-2.mbs: Contains the rooms of the west wing only, not referenced to the main survey. In other words a brand new file with arbitrary coordinates was started and the west wing school rooms and symbols, have been recorded and surveyed using a Disto.


The Process

The process followed in this lesson and scenario to combine the two files with different coordinate systems is to:

  1. Open the file with the correct coordinate system, in this case; School-Main-2.mbs and save it.
  2. Insert School-west-wing-2.mbs as an External Reference.
  3. Transform the rooms from the inserted School-west-wing-2.mbs in three stages:
    1. The first moves the 2 datasets closer together so we can get a better view and fit of them using Room Transformation – By Arbitrary Amount.
    2. The second stage transforms the rooms To a Measured Point in School-Main-2.mbs with an offset.
    3. The third stage Rotates the imported rooms to match up with a wall in School-Main-2.mbs.

Each of these stages are available in separate video files:

1. Insert an External Reference

Note: Desktop with Black background


2. Transform Rooms by Arbitrary Amount

Note: Desktop with Black background


3. Transform Rooms to Measured Point

Note: Tablet with White background


4. Transform Rooms by Rotating to Match Wall

Note: Tablet with White background